• Volume 3, Issue 3, March, 2016

    Volume 3, Issue 3, March, 2016

    Original Research Articles




    Saraladevi R, Nirmala Kumari T, Shreen B, Usha Rani V.

    Prevalence of thyroid disorder in pregnancy and pregnancy outcome.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 1-11.

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    Rathod GB, Parmar P, Rathod S, Parikh A.

    Prevalence of anemia in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 12-16.

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    E. A. Ashok Kumar, P. Jijiya Bai.

    Significance of sputum cultures in diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in acute leukemia A meta analysis.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 17-24.

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    Ranawat R, Surapaneni S, Kothari A, Anand R, Jain N, Dadu A.

    Twin pregnancies: Maternal and perinatal outcome in a tertiary health centre.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 25-28.

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    Goyal SK, Chhabra UK, Bansal SK, Choudhary D, Goyal PK, Singal G.

    Intestinal obstruction – A retrospective study of 150 cases.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 29-34.

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    Abraham A, Pullishery F, Raghavan R.

    Dental caries and calculus status in children studying in Government and Private Schools in Malappuram, Kerala, India.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 35-41.

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    Venkat Narsimha Reddy Nandyala.

    Outcomes of E learning in a clinical context.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 42-47.

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    Gupta H, Chavda R, Saini HB, Tarraiya A, Patel SK, Patel H.

    Evaluation of endometrium in peri-menopausal women in case of abnormal uterine bleeding.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 48-51.

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    Rathva AM, Singla H.

    MDCT urography as a one stop shop for urinary tract abnormalities at present era.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 52-64.

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    Singh R, Chandra S, Sahu SK, Pandey V, Kaur G.

    Evaluation of oral health status among drug addicts in rehabilitation centre.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 65-69.

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    Ragi V, Sridevi A.

    Comparison of conservative and internal fixation with dynamic hip screw methods in management of intertrochanteric fractures of the femur.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 70-75.

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    Kochar M, Patel U, Leuva B, Thakkar K, Patel N, Patel S.

    Tot fixation using customized polypropylene mesh – Safe and effective approach for SUI repair.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 76-80.

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    N L Eshwar Prasad, V Ravi, P Anuradha.

    Prognostic factors in carcinoma breast A retrospective study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 81-86.

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    Yeslawath ND.

    Study to evaluate the role of MRI in cases of primary malignant bone tumors.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 87-94.

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    Koramutla Harsha Kumar, Jaya Someswar Narreddy.

    Functional and radiological outcome in non-operative versus operative management of fracture clavicle.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 95-98.

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    Singh M, Swami MK, Singh L, Solanki RK.

    A study of metabolic syndrome in chronic institutionalized patients with schizophrenia.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 99-105.

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    E.A. Ashok Kumar, P. Jijiya Bai.

    Development of nephropathy in Type II Diabetes Mellitus with norm albuminuria, micro albuminuria, and macro proteinuria.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 106-117.

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    Bhandary PR, Sanath PK, Shetty NJ, Girish PN, Lathika K.

    Clinico-epidemiological study of Psoriasis and associated co-morbidities.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 118-122.

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    Naveen Kumar E, Ramesh K, Alugonda Y, Kothapalli J, Goud AK.

    Measure of liability in Medical Negligence A hospital based study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 123-127.

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    G.V. Madhu Mohan Rao, P. Devanath Reddy.

    Incidence of infections associated with use of bioabsorbable implants in orthopedic surgeries.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 128-133.

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    Saini S, Hasan N.

    Assessment of specialization preference among undergraduate medical students and its influencing factors.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 134-138.

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    Behal R, Lone N, Shah AF, Yousuf A, Jan SM.

    Oral health status of 6-12 year old children attending a Government Hospital in Kashmir.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 139-146.

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    Patel P, Patel VP, Patel H, Rathod GB.

    Study of prognostic value of serum and RBC acetyle cholinesterase level in organophosphorus poisoning and its correlation with the outcome.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 147-157.

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    Case Reports




    Nath A, Nair S, Pal R, Chakraborty A.

    Acardiac twin – A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 158-162.

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    Raghuram Mohan S, Harika V, Sandhya Anil S, Sandhya Rani H.

    Fibroadenolipoma of breast – A rare case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 163-165.

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    Nath A, Nair S, Pal R, Chakraborty A.

    Hypoplastic right ventricle with multiple associated anomalies: A challenging case for biventricular repair or univentricular approach? – A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 166-168.

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    Kolandaivelu PG, Lakshmana R, Balamurugan R, Arun Prasath S.

    Primary omental torsion – A rare case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 169-171.

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    Bari VB, Bholay SU.

    Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma of salivary gland A case report of new entity.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 172-176.

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    Sharma MK, Joshi N, Yadav ML, Agarwal T.

    A rare case report of primary tuberculosis of tongue.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 177-180.

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    Srinivasa D, E.A. Ashok Kumar.

    TB ascitis in cirrhosis of liver – A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(3): 181-184.

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