• Volume 3, Issue 5, May, 2016

    Volume 3, Issue 5, May, 2016

    Original Research Articles




    Nitin Nagpal, Salvinder Singh Toor, D. S. Sidhu.

    Clinical profile of Acute Pancreatitis in Malwa region of Punjab and its correlation with Balthazar CT Severity Index.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 1-7.

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    Narendra Kumar Maddur, Surendar Reddy K, Sowmya J, Pradyut Waghray.

    Respiratory effects of air pollutants among non-smoking traffic policemen: An analytical cross sectional study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 8-13.

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    Shetty R, Mukherjee S, Dutta N, Bhagat DK, Sushma K N, Pandey V.

    Cytomorphometric analysis of oral squames Tobacco Smokers using oral brush biopsy: An exfoliative cytological study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 14-19.

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    Parmar P, Rathod S, Parikh A.

    Perceptions of patients towards euthanasia A medico-legal perspective.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 20-23.

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    Challa Venkata Suresh, Nagendar Rao Yeedulapally.

    Influence of various psychological correlates in cardiovascular disease patients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 24-28.

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    Sirohiya P, Mantan K, Rehman H, Kumari M, Devra V, Singh R.

    Effect of bupivacaine and bupivacaine-clonidine combination in supraclavicular brachial plexus block A comparative study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 29-37.

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    Meena S, Bhati K, Meera.

    Evaluation of the sedative and anxiolytic effects of Midazolam and Clonidine as oral premedicant in paediatric patients undergoing elective surgery under general anaesthesia.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 38-45.

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    Dutta N, Gupta VK, Shetty R, Roy A, Dani G, Pandey V.

    A comparative study of oral manifestations of HIV among pediatric patients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 46-52.

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    Bhattacharya R, Nandy M, Bhattacharjee U, Baisya R.

    Analysis of common etiology between Takayasus Arteritis and Hyperthyroidism in a middle aged female in Eastern part of India.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 53-57.

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    Sridhar Reddy Erugula, P. Sujatha, Ayesha Sameera, B. Suresh Reddy, Jesudass Govada, G. Sudhakar, Kandukuri Mahesh Kumar.

    Nuclear morphometric study of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL).

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 58-63.

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    Dhabarde M, Malliwal A.

    A Comparative Analysis between Desflurane and Propofol as Single Agent Anesthesia.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 64-73.

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    K. Ramesh, Balaji Prasad Nayak.

    A study of cardiovascular involvement in Hypothyroidism.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 74-80.

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    K. Vinod, Singh R, Suryavanshi R, Ashok Kumar, Singh RK, Ranjan R.

    Eruption chronology of Primary Teeth in Garhwa district, Jharkhand, India.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 81-84.

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    Joshi V, Shah S.

    Effect of Body Mass Index (BMI) on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in young adults.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 85-88.

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    Gosavi S, Karande S, Raut K.

    HbA1c: A Marker for Severity of Acute Myocardial Infarction.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 89-93.

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    Maanasa T J, Sivabackiya C, Srinivasan B, Shajahan Ismail, Sabari Sridhar OT, Kailash S.

    A cross sectional study on prevalence and pattern of personality disorders in psychiatric inpatients of a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 94-100.

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    Tipnis NA, Shah S.

    Effect of body positions on peak expiratory flow rates in adult asthmatics.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 101-105.

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    P. Sujatha, V. Indira, Kandukuri Mahesh Kumar.

    Study of PAP smear examination in patients complaining of leucorrhoea – A 2 years prospective study in a teaching hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 106-112.

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    Tanwar S, Devra V, Dhawan S, Jain S.

    A randomized control trial: To evaluate the effect of continuous infusion of low dose vasopressors in elective Cesarean section under spinal anesthesia.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 113-119.

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    Wulsa N, Divyalasya TVS, Soren G, Pathapati RM, Buchineni M.

    How often do we observe blood pressure values of 110/70 and 120/80 mmHg in clinical practice?

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 120-126.

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    Balaganesan H, Ilangovan G, Tirumalasetty H, Jayajothi A, Venkataraman S.

    Solitary choroid plexus lipoma evaluation by computed tomography with review of literature.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 127-132.

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    Lakum S, Anita, Pandya H, Shah K, Lakhani SJ.

    Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at the tertiary care center, Dhiraj Hospital, Piparia, Gujarat.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 133-137.

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    Kodakandla K, Maddela G, Pasha MS.

    Factors influencing sleep quality and its impact on glycemic control in patients with type II diabetes mellitus – A hospital based cross sectional study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 138-145.

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    Lal RZ, Biyani S, Lodha R.

    Correlation of Thyroid Hormones with FSH, LH and Prolactin in Infertility in the Reproductive Age Group Women.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 146-150.

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    K. B. S. Prabhakar, G. Purushotham, K. Uma.

    Comparison of Super-oxidized Solution versus Povidone Iodine in Management of Infected Diabetic Ulcers: Our Experience.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 151-158.

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    T. Murali Venkateswara Rao, B. Bhaskara Rao, Raghuram Chikkala.

    Clinical profile of plasmodium falciparum case presenting to a tertiary care teaching institution in south India: An observational study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 159-165.

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    Gundala S, V.V. Sastry, T. Manmohan, V. Geeta.

    A study on adherence to dietary guidelines, treatment and preventive care among diabetic patients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 166-173.

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    Viswambhar V, Reddy GMM, Ragulan R, N. Meenakshi, Aruna Shanmuganathan, Krishnaveni R.

    A cross sectional study on combined prevalence of allergic rhinitis (AR) and bronchial asthma (BA) among construction workers.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 174-183.

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    Case Report




    Prakash Babu B, Huban Thomas, Henry T, Punnose.

    Ossified stylohyoid ligament: A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(5): 184-187.

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