• Volume 8, Issue 4, April, 2021

    Original Research Articles

    T. Senthil kumar, N. sivaraj.

    Comparative evaluation of the effects of addition of intrathecal fentanyl and clonidine added to 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine for lower segment caesarean section.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 1-8.

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    N. Sivaraj, T. Senthil kumar.

    A prospective observational study to determine the incidence of perioperative complications during percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) surgery and the various risk factors predisposing to them.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4):  9-17.

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    Pazhamalai K.

    Estimation serum C – reactive protein estimation in acute meningitis in adults.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 18-23.

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    Pazhamalai K.

    A study on clinical profile of systemic sclerosis and outcome.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 24-30.

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    Rammohan T, Vijayalaxmi Adepu, N. Surender Reddy.

    Management of Retained Double – J Ureteral Stents – Our Experience.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 31-40.

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    A. Padmaja, R. Vikash Babu, T. Rajeswara Rao, V. Himani.

    Practical approach of MRI in white matter diseases of brain.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 41-54.

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    S. Aravind Kumar.

    Correlation between levels of sulcular and capillary blood glucose in screening of diabetes mellitus in chronic periodontitis patient in Chittoor District.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 55-60.

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    S. Aravind Kumar.

    Study on association of dental plaque, poor oral hygiene, and periodontal disease with helicobacter pylori infection.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 61-68.

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    S. Aravind Kumar.

    Effect of phase I therapy on salivary   carboxy terminal telopeptide of type I collagen in chronic periodontitis patients.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 69-74.

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    Rahul Chethan V.

    The relationship between anogenital distance and benign prostate hyperplasia‐related lower urinary tract symptoms.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 75-78.

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    A. Sangeetha, S. Ramanikanth.

    Prediction of difficult intubation using bedside sonographic airway measurements in elective surgical patients.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 79-85.

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    A. Sangeetha, M Saranya.

    A comparative study of dexmedetomidine and labetalol for attenuation of hemodynamic stress response to laryngoscopy and intubation.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 86-93.

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    Deepshikha Parakh, SS Goswami, Aishwarya Keshan.

    Study of palpable breast lesions using a diagnostic tool of fine needle aspiration cytology at tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 94-98.

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    P. Srinivas Rao, K. Himaja, K. Neelaveni, Rakesh Sahay, Vijayshekar Reddy.

    Correlation of vitamin-D with other metabolic parameters in women with PCOS.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 99-105.

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    Case Report

    E.A. Ashok Kumar, M. Ravi Teja Raidu.

    A rare case of invasive pituitary macroadenoma with hemorrhage in MEN 1 syndrome – A case report.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(4): 106-117.

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