• Volume 8, Issue 8, August, 2021

    Original Research Articles

    Gunvanti Rathod, Anita, Pankajkumar Keshri, Pragnesh Parmar, Santosh Kumar.

    A comparative study of malaria antigen test with peripheral blood smear in diagnosis of malaria.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 1-4.

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    Bella Lissy Ben, Reny Jayaprakas, Lijo Paul, Shihana Shajahan.

    Comparative study of stapler haemorrhoidopexy and open haemorrhoidectomy in rural areas of Thodupuzha.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 5-8.

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    Naligala Mercy, Aparna Meda, Sudha Rani Kesavareddy.

    A cross-sectional study of symptom profile and socio-demographic risk factors of Social Anxiety Disorder.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 9-14.

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    Ayla GLL, Senay AKGN.

    The Effect of Training on the “V” and “G” Techniques Used in the Ventrogluteal Site and Injection Application to This Site on the Knowledge Level of Nurses.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 15-33.

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    Şenay AKGN, Duygu ZTAŞ, Ayşe AĞLIYAN, Emrah AKGN, Abdullah GNEŞ.

    A Study of Services Based on a University Hospital in terms of Area of Influence and Health Geography.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 34-43.

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    Saroj Manda, Vignesh R, Sidhnath Singh.

    Study of risk factors, clinical profiles and angiographic patterns in patients of coronary artery disease in a tertiary care centre in Kolkata.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 44-52.

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    Dr. Priyanka Vaghasiya, Dr. Jignasa Bhalodia.

    Post Covid Fungal Infection: Histopathological and Microbiological Correlation.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 53-61.

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    Case Report

    Nishant Agarwal, Abhishek Kaushal, Abdul Rehman Siddiqui, Pallavi Nair, S.K. Mohanty.

    A rare case report of Amyand hernia in a preterm baby.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(8): 62-64.

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