• Volume 2, Issue 10, October, 2015

    Volume 2, Issue 10, October, 2015

    Original Research Articles




    Ghosh PK, Ray D, Chatterjee B, Acharya S, Adhikary S, De A.

    Comparative study of the effectiveness between balancing exercises and strengthening exercises with common use of TENS to improve functional ability in Osteoarthritis involving knee joint.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 1-17.

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    M. V. Vijaya Sekhar, K. V. Ramprasad, Mahasweta Mishra, Srikanth Batchu.

    Smart use of smart phones in severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) – A miniature Tele therapy.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 18-21.

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    Galketiya KB, Pinto MVG, Kumarasinghe N, Shaminda RAA, Abayasinghe AHMAH, Premadasa BAM, Galahawela GWGDD.

    Comparison of Ultra-Sonic Dissector with Scissor and Monopolar Diathermy in Complex Laparoscopic Surgeries for Tissue Dissection and Hemostasis.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 22-27.

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    Ragasudha C, Sudha T, Sujatha N.

    Prediction of endometrial pathology by measuring endometrial thickness with TVS in women with breast cancer on tamoxifen.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 28-31.

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    Case Series




    Shah K, Shah M, Singh H.

    Disseminated multiple hydatidosis at unusual location: Two rare case reports.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 32-35.

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    Patel NH, Patel PB, Patwa JJ, Patel DN, Gandhi TJ.

    A short series of rolled tendon arthroplasty in carpo-metacarpal joint arthritis of thumb.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 36-41.

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    Case Reports




    Singla D, Rathod GB.

    Primary plasma cell leukemia in 32 years old male A case report.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 42-45.

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    Shivani, Kanwardeep Singh, Pushpa Devi, Bimla Devi.

    A case report of Ludwigs angina.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 46-48.

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    Review Article




    Parmar P.

    Reconstruction of crime A review.

    IAIM, 2015; 2(10): 49-53.

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