• Volume 8, Issue 11, November, 2021

    Original Research Articles

    Ammaiyappan Palaniappan.

    A study on hematological profile in pulmonary tuberculosis in south rural part of Tamil Nadu.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 1-8.

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    V. Aswin, R. Aravind Kumar.

    Study of clinical profile and risk factors in acute ischemic stroke.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 9-14.

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    V. Aswin.

    Evaluation of maxillofacial injuries using multi slice computed tomography in a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 15-30.

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    Uma M, Radha K.

    A comparative study between collagen and conventional dressing in case of abrasions and second degree burns.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 31-37.

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    M. Babu.

    A prospective study of parameters predicting biliary communication after percutaneous catheter drainage.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 38-44.

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    M. Babu.

    Comparison of colour duplex ultrasound, ankle-brachial pressure measurement in peripheral vascular disease in type 2 diabetes patients with foot infections.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 45-51.

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    Kaival K Kothari, N.M. Shaikh, Atit D Shah, Hiral J shah, Priyanka H Gohel, Jayshree D Pethani.

    Identification and antibiotic sensitivity pattern of Coagulase negative Staphylococcus causing in bloodstream infection with special reference to linezolid resistance.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 52-60.

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    Thotakura Soundarya, P Amit Kumar, Shanthan V, Ananya P, Md. Sohail, B.S.V. Manjula.

    A study of lipid profile in controlled vs uncontrolled type 2 DM with special reference to HBA1C levels.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 61-69.

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    S.R. Rangabashyam, K. Kirubhakaran, S. Moogaambiga, S.P. Avinash Pandi, G Anoosh, Patel Vishalkumar Amrutbhai, Lakhan Parajiya.

    Clinical Profile of Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy – A Prospective Observational Study.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 70-76.

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    Khushbu Nagar, Nilesh Shah, Jignasa Bhalodia.

    Histopathologic pattern of skin diseases in tertiary health care centre: A retrospective study of 133 cases.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 77-82.

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    Case Reports


    Pallavi Nair, Nerella Sai Krishna, Pasam Abhishek, Hariprasath G, Chinmaya Ranjan Behera, Abinash Kanungo.

    Diamond Shaped Advancement Flap Anoplasty For Severe Anal Stenosis A Case Report.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 83-86.

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    Jingade Krishnojirao Dayashankara Rao.

    Missing mandibular third molar from line of fracture: A diagnostic dilemma.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 87-90.

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    Review Article

    Jingade Krishnojirao Dayashankara Rao.

    Recent Advances in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Literature Review.

    IAIM, 2021; 8(11): 91-95.

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