• Volume 4, Issue 9, September, 2017

    Volume 4, Issue 9, September, 2017

    Original Research Articles




    Ramasamy Suresh, Victor Theophilus Premkumar.

    To study the combined use of pleural fluid lymphocyte/ neutrophil ratio and ADA for the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 1-5.

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    P. Elango, G. Indumathi.

    A study of serum amylase levels in acute organophosphorous poisoning at Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital, Dharmapuri.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 6-11.

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    M. Arivumani.

    A study of the prevalence and risk factors associated with peripheral vascular disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital, Dharmapuri.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 12-18.

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    P. Elango, G. Indumathi.

    Cardiac changes in hepatic cirrhosis in Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital, Dharmapuri.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 19-24.

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    G. Indumathi.

    A study of impact of smoking on glycemic index status among patients who are attending Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital, Dharmapuri.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 25-31.

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    Santhosh Bukya, Sudarshan.

    Novel laparoscopic repair of VVF with limited cystotomy.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 32-35.

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    G. Ranjani.

    Asymptomatic bacteriuria in type 2 diabetic women patients who are attending Medicine OPD of Government Dharmapuri Medical College, Dharmapuri.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 36-42.

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    M. Thirumaran, M. Danasegaran.

    Comparative study of HbA1c level among iron deficiency diabetic patients with non-iron-deficiency diabetic patients among karaikal population.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 43-46.

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    G. Ranjani.

    Estimation of serum calcium and serum phosphorus levels in newly detected essential hypertensive patients.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 47-53.

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    Naresh Kumar, Jyoti Kumar Dinkar, Chandrakishore.

    Prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a tertiary care hospital of Bihar.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 54-58.

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    Meena M, Mantan K, Saxena M, Dhawan S, Sethia S, Meena A.

    General versus spinal anesthesia in percutaneous nephrolithotomy: A comparative study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 59-66.

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    R. Maheshwari, Rakesh Fernando.

    A Clinicopathological study on Cervical Lymphadenopathy.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 67-74.

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    R. Maheshwari, Rakesh Fernando.

    Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Diseases.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 75-81.

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    Ashish Kumar Narolia, Kanta Bhati, Kuldeep Saini, Anita Pareek, Meera Kumari.

    To Compare the Effect of Dexmedetomidine and Clonidine as Adjuvant to Ropivacaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block for Upper Limb Surgery.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 82-90.

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    C. Arun Babu, Somanatha Sharma, Gnana Sezhian.

    A study of role of low lying pubic tubercle in the development of inguinal hernia.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 91-97.

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    Jookanty Santosh Kumar, K. Mahesh Kumar.

    Effectiveness of bupivacaine and tramadol in postoperative pain management – A prospective study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 98-104.

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    P.S. Ganesh Babu, T.M Balakirshnan, Ramadevi.

    Clinical study of pedicled sternocleidomastoid muscle flap interposition for cervical tracheo oesophageal fistula repair at a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 105-109

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    Ibanga AA, Nkanga DG, Asana UE, Duke RE, Etim BA, Nkanga ED, Utam UA, Agweye CT, Udofia OO.

    Patients satisfaction with eye care services in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 110-118.

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    Mohammed Abdul Azhar.

    Correlating multi-detected computed tomography findings with conventional radiography, operative and histopathological examination in mandibular swellings.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 119-124.

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    P.S. Ganesh Babu, R. Saravanan, V. Ramadevi.

    Clinical study of reconstruction of devastating defects around the elbow region at a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 125-132.

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    Singh Y, Pasha A, Suhail Bin Ahmed.

    A Study of Thyroid Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 133-135.

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    N. Srivani, B.V.N. Sravani, Shyamala Srujana, O. Shravan Kumar.

    A study of clinical and histopathological correlation of lichen planus.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 136-144.

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    Naveen Kumar S, Vidyadhara Rani P.

    Ultrasonography (USG) and multi-detector computerized tomography (MDCT) evaluation of thyroid swellings.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 145-155.

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    K. Bhramaramba, Sunethri Padma, S. Hemalatha, N.L.N. Murthy.

    A comparative study of FNAC breast lesions and BI-RADS grading with a focus on grade 4 and grade 5 categories.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 156-163.

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    G. Elango, C. Ramesh, D.D. Venkataraman.

    Association between chronic kidney disease and tuberculosis – A prospective study form a tertiary care teaching hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 164-170.

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    Prakash S, Giridhar, Harshila Jain.

    Efficacy of plasma knife assisted posterior capsulotomy versus manual primary posterior capsulorhexis in preventing visual axis opacification in pediatric cataract surgery: A randomized controlled trial.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 171-177.

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    Dharani Sudha G, Nirmala P, Ramanathan R, Sylvia S.

    Role of probiotic for impetigo in children.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 178-186.

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    Case Reports




    Punam Kumari Jha, Nalin Chaudhary, Abhinav P.

    A Case Report: Phenylketonuria in a one-year-old child from India.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 187-190.

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    Arun Prasath R, Krishnapriya R, R. Srinivasan.

    Symptomatic Pulmonary Siderosis A case report.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 191-194.

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    Review Article




    L. Veenakumari, C. Sridevi.

    Actinomycosis in histopathology – Review of literature.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(9): 195-206.

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