• Volume 7, Issue 5, May, 2020

    Original Research Articles

    Rasha Ramadan Basheer, Mohamed Riad Farid, Faten Kamel, Rania Sayed Mosallam.

    Effect of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Bleaching on Human Enamel Surface.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 1-13.

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    Haripriya K, Sivagnanam Balaji, G. Selavalakshmi, Vasanth Christopher.

    Neurocognitive Function after (Chemo)-Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer – Prevalent Study.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 14-19.

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    R Abraham Jebakumar, Sriramchristopher M.

    Comparative study between conventional port closure technique and 5 mm trocar technique in laparoscopic surgeries.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 20-23.

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    Iman Dakhli, Omniya Abu El-Dahab.

    Sexual differentiation based on mandibular parameters utilizing cone beam computed tomography of a sample of Egyptian population.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 24-31.

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    Mohita Singh, Navneet Kumar Kaushik, Neelu Panghal.

    Food for Thought: Effect of Afternoon Meals on Executive Functioning of the Brain.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 32-38.

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    Raja Vojjala, K. Shyam Sunder.

    Histopathological study of non-infectious vesiculobullous lesions of skin.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 39-43.

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    Junu Devi, Manisha Salvi.

    Cytological Pattern of Pap Smears and Related Clinical Factors in Detection of Preinvasive and Invasive Lesions of Cervix Uteri – In A Tertiary Care Centre of North East India.

    IAIM, 2020; 7(5): 44-49.

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