• Volume 4, Issue 10, October, 2017

    Volume 4, Issue 10, October, 2017

    Original Research Articles




    P V Praveen Kumar, P. Swathi, P. Balakrishna.

    Fentanyl with levobupivacaine versus tramadol with levobupivacaine for combined spinal epidural analgesia in labor.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 1-7.

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    P V Praveen Kumar, P. Archana.

    Comparative clinical study of attenuation of cardiovascular responses to laryngoscopy intubation diltiazem, lignocaine and combination of diltiazem and lignocaine.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 8-13.

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    P V Praveen Kumar, Sreemanth.

    Comparison of fentanyl versus fentanyl plus magnesium as post-operative epidural analgesia in orthopedic hip surgeries.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 14-21.

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    P V Praveen Kumar, G Madhavi.

    Comparison of caudal tramadol versus caudal fentanyl with bupivacaine for prolongation of postoperative analgesia in pediatric patients.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 22-29.

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    Kumari Neeti, Sethi Pihu, Krishan Kewal.

    Thyroid abnormality in hilly children with vitiligo: A case control study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 30-35.

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    K. Surendar Reddy, J. Sowmya, Bhaskar, Pradyut Waghray.

    Clinico-pathological study of lung malignancies in Mahabubnagar District, Telengana.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 36-39.

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    NL Varun Mai, Mudumala Issac Abhilash, Chandra Shekhar.

    Association of hyperuricemia and microalbuminuria in acute myocardial infarction in non-diabetic and non-hypertensive patients.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 40-51.

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    Mudumala Issac Abhilash, NL Varun Mai, Shravan Kumar, Uma Devi.

    Non-invasive evaluation of renal arterial blood flow in alcoholic cirrhosis of liver.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 52-58.

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    C. Vani, G. Raghavendra Prasad.

    Evaluation of validity of cone beam CT (CBCT) measurements compared to direct method on human dry mandibles.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 59-66.

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    Vani Chappidi, Pradeep Koppolu, Lingam Amara Swapna, Sridhar Reddy Erugula, Krishnajaneya Reddy Pathakota.

    Effect of Chronic Periodontitis on Serum Lipid Profile: A Randomized, Case Control Clinico-biochemical Study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 67-71.

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    C. Vani, T. Vinila Lakshmi, V. Dheeraj Roy.

    Morphological variations of soft palate and influence of age on it: A digital cephalometric study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 72-76.

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    P. Divya Daniel, D. Anupama.

    To determine effectiveness of abdominal hysterectomy versus non descent vaginal hysterectomy.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 77-86.

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    Gayathri S, Kokila Selvaraj, Satyajith P, Mithunkumar G.H.

    Estimation of self – medication practices among rural Kanchipuram, India.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 87-92.

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    N. Sathish Kumar, D. Sundararajan, S. Veluchamy.

    Assessment of corneal endothelial cell density and morphology in low and moderate myopic eyes in rural south Indian population.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 93-96.

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    Henry Daniel Raj T, Sylvia A, Chidambaranathan S, nirmala P.

    Monotherapy and polytherapy in Paediatric seizures: A prospective, observational study in a tertiary care teaching hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 97-104.

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    Deepikadevi SN, Sundararajan D, Namitha Bhuvaneshwari K, Murali Krishnan.

    Comparing the effect of conventional method of retinoscopic refraction with computerized automated refraction in various refractive error patients.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 105-110.

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    D. Sundararajan, N. Sathish Kumar, S. Veluchamy.

    Specular microscopic study of cornea in infectious and non-infectious uveitis in rural population of south India.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 111-116.

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    S. Sujatha, V. Srinivas Kumar, K. Durga.

    An autopsy study on various dissection techniques of the heart.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 117-122.

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    S. Sujatha, V. Srinivas Kumar, K. Durga.

    A five year study on differential diagnosis of verruciform penile lesions.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 123-127.

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    Singh R, Mahanti M, Kumar N, Sen A.

    Study on morphological variations of cadaveric vermiform appendix and caecum in Narayan Medical College and Hospital.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 128-132.

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    S. Sujatha, V. Srinivas Kumar.

    A 2 year study on and comparison of ovarian neoplasms.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 133-136.

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    S. Sujatha, V. Geeta, V. Srinivas Kumar.

    A 2 year study of meningiomas in correlation with squash cytology and histopathological examination.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 137-142.

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    Githanjali Manchikalapudi, Laxman Rao Polasani.

    Correlation between posterior edentulousness and temporomandibular disorder in adult population: A case control study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 143-150.

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    M Balasundaram, Reny Jayaparakas, Subith P Bhaskar.

    Clinical study of molecular hormonal receptor level status among carcinoma of breast in Karaikal population.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 151-156.

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    S. Sukumar.

    Neurological soft signs in first episode psychotic disorder – A case control study.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 157-164.

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    B. Kalyan Kumar, Ravi Kumar, J. Venkateshwar Rao.

    Study of profile of cardiac dysfunction in HIV infected children.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 165-172.

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    B. Vijetha, N. Suvidha.

    Compare the maternal and fetal outcomes in expectant versus active management.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 173-180.

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    S. Sukumar.

    Attempted suicide: An observational study at Medical College Psychiatry OPD.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 181-187.

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    D. Sundararajan, N. Sathish Kumar.

    Specular microscope as an accurate tool foranalysingcorneal endothelial cell changes in patientswithtype 2 diabetes mellitus at tertiary care hospital set up in Kanchipuram District.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 188-193.

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    Sreenath S, Santhosh Kumar T.S., Parthiban, Jasen Joseph, Ratheesh Kumar V.R.

    Study of cholesterol levels in patients with ischaemic stroke and their outcome.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 194-202.

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    Suryakant Purohit, Himanshu Jain, Sonal Garg, Nitin Kumar Singh.

    Role of vertebroplasty in osteoporotic compression fracture.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 203-208.

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    Nitin Kumar Singh, Himanshu Jain, Sonal Garg, Sachin Yadav.

    Primary total hip arthroplasty versus hemiarthroplasty for displaced neck femur fractures in older patients.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 209-215.

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    Manoj Kumar, Rakesh Arya, Mahesh Kumar Shukla, Jawaid Hasan.

    Community based cross sectional study on prevalence of risk factors of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in adult population residing in urban area of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 216-220.

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    M Manjusha, B. Manoj Kumar, N. Venkat Rajaiah, P. Narayana.

    Study of characteristic of pericardial effusion and to analyze pericardial fluid in various etiologies.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 221-229.

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    Abdul Ghader Barazaneh Moghadam, Syed Asif Shah Harooni.

    Pattern of dynamic intestinal obstruction in adults.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 230-235.

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    Ashwini Devarashetty, Humera Sultana, G. Nikhat Parveen, Yasmin Iqbal.

    Sequential use of clomiphene citrate and human menopausal gonadotropin in anovulatory infertility.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 236-249.

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    Case Reports




    Joshi A, Joshi R.

    A Rare Case Report of Total Aplasia of Paranasal Air Sinuses with Posterior Fossa Malformation (Dandy Walker).

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 250-257.

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    S. Uma Ganesh, Krishnapriya R, R. Srinivasan.

    Systemic sclerosis and tuberculosis A case report.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 258-261.

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    Tejashwini Reddy Punuru, Priya Subashchandrabose, Chitra Srinivasan.

    Sezary syndrome – A case report.

    IAIM, 2017; 4(10): 262-265.

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