• Volume 5, Issue 9, September, 2018

    Volume 5, Issue 9, September, 2018

    Original Research Articles


    Vijaya Nirmala B, Ramana P.V.

    Diagnostic utility of bone marrow aspiration in pancytopenia.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 1-6.

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    Priyanka Poonam.

    Diagnostic utility of FNAC in thyroid lesions and their histological correlation – A case study.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 7-13.

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    K. Babu Raj, R. Prabhakaran.

    Study of hypoglycemia in elderly diabetes mellitus.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 14-20.

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    A. Valarmathil, R. Aravind Kumar.

    Prevalence of anemia among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in correlation with Hba1C levels a prospective study.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 21-27.

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    K. Babu Raj, B. Nageswaran.

    A clinical study of incidence, risk factor profile, and prognosis in cases of posterior circulation stroke.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 28-33.

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    V. Sivangagai Lakshmi.

    Comparative study of hematological profile among smokers and non-smokers in rural part of South India.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 34-38.

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    V. Sivangagai Lakshmi.

    Effect of cigarette smoking on various biochemical parameters in patients attending OPD of RMMCH.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 39-43.

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    Mirunalini S.

    Comparative study of microflora between birth canal and new born oral cavity.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 44-47.

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    Mirunalini S.

    Nucleated RBCs in cord blood as a predictor of fetal asphyxia.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 48-53.

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    R. Manimozhi Malathi, S. Ramesh, R. Aravind Kumar.

    Comparative study of hemoglobin and packed volume levels in term and preterm babies delivered in RMMCH.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 54-57.

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    R. Manimozhi Malathi, S. Ramesh, D. Rajkumar.

    Comparative study of serum iron and zinc levels in term and preterm babies delivered in RMMCH.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 58-62.

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    Balaji Swaminathan, Prem Nivas, Ruta Shanmugam, Shanmugam V.U.

    Surgical outcome of tragal cartilage in myringoplasty A prospective study.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 63-66.

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    M. Agila Saravanan, S. Geetha.

    A study of cardiovascular manifestation in patient with hypothyroidism.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 67-73.

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    V. Suvarna, M. Niharika Reddy.

    The impact of intrapartum amniotic fluid index on perinatal outcome.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 74-82.

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    E. Rajesh Goud, M. Muralidhar, M. Srinivasulu.

    A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy on Hormonal and Her-2 Receptor Status in Carcinoma Breast.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 83-90.

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    Nived Rao, M. Muralidhar, M. Srinivasulu.

    The role of prophylactic central compartment lymph node dissection in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 91-98.

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    Shriraj Kane, Shikhar Bajpai, T K Biswas.

    A clinical study of COPD in elderly with special reference to HRCT chest and PFT.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 99-104.

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    Sreedevi Porika, T. Venkata Naga Lakshmi.

    Intraperitoneal nebulization of ropivacaine 0.75% vs intraperitoneal nebulization of bupivacaine 0.5% for post-operative analgesia in laparoscopic surgeries: Prospective double blinded randomised controlled trial.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 105-117.

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    Case Reports


    Bhavik Shah, S.S. Goswami.

    A rare case of mature teratoma of testis in 55 years old male patient.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 118-121.

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    Mirza Asif Ali Beigh.

    Treatment of Mandibular Second Molar with S-shaped Root Canal.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 122-124.

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    Vaibhavi Chaudhari, Jigna Patel.

    A rare case report of primary malignant melanoma of the breast.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 125-128.

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    Payal Desai, Swapan Goswami, Chandani Krishnani.

    Low Grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma in 40 years old female – A rare case report.

    IAIM, 2018; 5(9): 129-132.

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