• Volume 3, Issue 10, October, 2016

    Volume 3, Issue 10, October, 2016

    Original Research Articles




    Gupta S, Pandey A, Rahul.

    Audiometric analysis of different causes of hearing loss in patients attending a tertiary level hospital in India.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 1-6.

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    G Ravindra, Dashetwar AM.

    A retrospective study of atrial septal defect.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 7-16.

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    Khatib WM, Aher VC, Patel PM, Demde RB.

    Analysis of pleural fluid – A one year study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 17-20.

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    K. Ravi Sekhar Rao, N. Krishna, G. Vasantha.

    Refractive errors in school children in Nizamabad district area.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 21-26.

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    Agarwal AA, Tambekar MY, Dhar R.

    Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Breast Carcinoma: A Comparative Study between Cytological and Histopathological Grading System with Lymph Node Status Assessment.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 27-35.

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    Maratha V,Kapil M,Kumar S, Dhamija A, Manchanda J.

    Comparative evaluation of ropivacaine versus dexmedetomidine and ropivacaine in epidural anesthesia in lower limb orthopaedic surgeries.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 36-41.

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    Santhoshi Kumari CH, Kamera S, Narisetty V, Jala S, Pokalkar D.

    Cognitive functioning in patients presenting with memory problems: A study from Gandhi Hospital A Tertiary Care Teaching Government Hospital of Hyderabad.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 42-47.

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    Jain K, Pandey A, Gupta S, Rahul.

    A Clinical Study of Hearing Outcome after Type I Tympanoplasty.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 48-54.

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    Deme S.

    A study of correlation of CT scan brain and EEG in epilepsy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 55-61.

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    M. Virgin Joena, R. Ananda Xavier Pragasam, Benita Florence.

    Prevalence and factors affecting burnout among medical professionals A cross sectional study from a tertiary care teaching hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 62-69.

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    Mohan K, Mohana Rupa L.

    Ketamine and levobupivacaine versus levobupivacaine alone for post operative analgesia and side effects in lower abdominal surgeries in children A comparative study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 70-73.

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    Khurana E, Oommen ER.

    Determination of cardiovascular fitness in young healthy medical students.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 74-78.

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    Gopi Krishna Yedlapati, Narendra Kumar Narahari, Sai Reddy Y.

    Pneumothorax and its etiology.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 79-86.

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    Rahul, Gupta S, Pandey A, Jain K.

    A study of Adenoid Facies: Clinico-radiological correlation and its sequalae.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 87-93.

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    Dhipu Mathew, Kirthana G, Krishnapriya R, Srinivasan R.

    To assess the pulmonary impairment in treated pulmonary tuberculosis patients using spirometry.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 94-99.

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    S. Dhanraj Reddy, M. Sandhya Rani.

    Efficacy of FNAC in early diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 100-104.

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    G Venkat Rao, N Hari.

    Medico-legal knowledge assessment of interns and post graduate students in a medical institution.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 105-110.

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    P. Renuka, K. Aruna Kumari, Akhila.

    Maternal and perinatal outcome in abruptio placenta Study at teaching hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 111-116.

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    Brahmanpally Balkishan, Pulimaddi Ramulu, Praveen Chava.

    Study of outcome with twin dose antibiotic therapy in elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 117-124.

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    Gummadivandanaushasree, Sreenivasaiah Bharathi, Jampalavenkateshwar Rao.

    Clinical profile and follow-up of HIV infection in pediatric age group beyond 18 months up to 13 years at tertiary level hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 125-138.

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    Mahita Reddy A., Madhavi KSS., Niharica.

    A study on risk of twin pregnancy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 139-145.

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    B. Rekha, J. Rajeshwari.

    Admission test in detecting fetal asphyxia at the time of admission in labour.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 146-152.

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    A.Adam, B. Sathya.

    Study of methionine synthase (MTR) gene polymorphisms in personnel exposed to trace quantities of anesthetic gases in operation theatres.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 153-157.

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    Madhu Mohan Reddy B, Rajanikanth Amrutham, Nagababu Pyadala.

    Management of Acute Pancreatitis – A Prospective Study in a Rural Teaching Hospital, Sangareddy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 158-161.

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    G. Mallikarjuna, N. Ramamurthy, G. Ravichander, Ravi Jahagirdar, Jagadeeshwar.

    Substitution urethroplasty: Buccal mucosal graft Vs local flaps – A prospective randomized study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 162-173.

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    Aasim Farooq Shah.

    Comparison of changes in salivary pH levels after consumption of plain milk and milk mixed with sugar.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 174-178.

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    Aasim Farooq Shah.

    Practices and usage of computers in dental settings by dentists – A cross sectional study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 179-184.

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    Uppala Veeramma, D. Rajeswari, N.V. Sundarachary.

    The changing face of CSVT: Time to rethink and intervene.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 185-191.

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    Aasim Farooq Shah, Irfan Ashraf Baba.

    Levels of satisfaction of patient treated at Government Dental Hospital with respect to different demographic characteristics.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 192-198.

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    Devanatha Reddy P, Madan Mohan Rao GV, Nagababu Pyadala.

    Patellar Fractures Treated by Cannulated Cancellous Screw and Tension Band Wiring – A prospective study in a Teaching Hospital, Sangareddy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 199-203.

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    G Venkat Rao, S Krishna Prasad.

    Autopsy – Perception and Attitudes of Undergraduate Medical Students in South India: A Questionnaire Survey.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 204-211.

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    C. Venkateshwarlu, B. Praveen Kumar, Md. Yousuf Khan.

    Evaluation of left ventricular diastolic function in hypertensives.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 212-220.

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    Goel A, Goel D, Yadav Y, Gupta SK.

    Correlation of 2D-Echocardiography Findings in Young Patients of Myocardial Infarction with Prevalence of Risk Factors.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 221-227.

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    S. Sujit, M. Bathragiri, K. Chandra.

    Post renal transplant infections: One year follow up study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 228-234.

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    Madhu Mohan Reddy B, Rajanikanth Amrutham, Nagababu Pyadala.

    Clinical features and management of amoebic liver abscesses in a rural teaching hospital – A cross-sectional study, Sangareddy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 235-238.

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    Rajeshwary P, M. Nagaprasanth, Salma Mahaboob R, G. Obulesu.

    Evaluation of oxidative stress markers in infertile women.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 239-244.

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    Y. Kishore Kumar, Nityam Sagar Patel, G. Obulesu.

    Co-relation of audiometric configurations and auditory difficulties in adults with acquired sensori-neural hearing loss.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 245-250.

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    Y. Kishore Kumar, Ajay Kumar Basod, G. Obulesu.

    Clinical study on low vs high probe tone frequency tympanometry in children: Rural population.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 251-258.

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    G. Mallikarjuna, G. Ravichander, N. Ramamurthy, Ravi Jahagirdar, Jagadeeshwar.

    The role of finasteride on perioperative bleeding in patients undergoing TURP: A randomized controlled study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 259-267.

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    B. Madhu Mohan Reddy, Banothu Srinivas.

    Study of post-operative pain incidence in patients with inguinal hernioplasty.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 268-271.

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    Bukya Sheela, Madisetty Adi Lakshmi, Chinta Sanjeeva Kumari.

    A study of assessing cardiotoxicity by MUGA technique in patients treated for carcinoma breast.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 272-279.

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    P. Malathi, D. Anupama, P. Habitha.

    Effect of injection Tranexamic acid on peri-operative blood loss during Cesarean section.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 280-289.

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    Khanapurkar PP, C.R Murali Govardhan, CH. Sheethal.

    Efficacy of epidural and spinal anesthesia techniques in preeclampsia parturients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(10): 290-294.

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