• Volume 6, Issue 11, November, 2019

    Original Research Articles

    Swati Srivastava.

    Antibiofilm efficacy of 0.1% Octenidine, SmearOFF, 1% Alexidine and 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite against E. faecalis biofilm formed on tooth substrate.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 1-8.

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    Rekha NH, Sushmitha P.

    Clinical study on pulmonary artery hypertension in patients with chronic liver disease with portal hypertension.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 9-13.

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    Nilima K. Shah, Kamlesh J. Upadhyay, Bhavik Prajapati, Vipshyana Manwar, Dileep Gamit, Khyati Rathwa.

    A study of clinical profile of Influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 patients at a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 14-18.

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    K.H. Mohamed Ibrahim, R. Gandhi Babu, M. Senthil Velan.

    Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity (depression) and its effect on drug compliance among patients attending diabetic outpatient clinic.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 19-28.

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    Kamlesh J. Upadhyay, Nilima K. Shah, Ramesh K. Patel, Mohini Datraniya, Mihir Parmar.

    A study of clinical profile of patients with organophosphorus poisoning.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 29-34.

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    Sonia Gupta, Suheel Hamid Latoo, Owais Gowhar.

    Observer variability in the grading of oral epithelial dysplasia.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 35-41.

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    Nilima K Shah, Kamlesh J Upadhyay, Bhavikkumar Prajapati, Manojkumar P Ganvit, Keyur J Patel.

    A study of clinical profile of patients with malaria in tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 42-46.

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    Anuradha Hariharan, Malathi Shanmugam, Lakshmi Priya.

    A cross-sectional study on newly detected hypertensive individuals and its correlation to BMI.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 47-51.

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    N. Vetrivel, P. Jayarajan.

    Clinical profile and evaluation of new onset seizure in adults.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 52-57.

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    Kamlesh J. Upadhyay, Nilima K. Shah, Bhavikkumar Prajapati, Manojkumar P. Ganvit, Keyur J. Patel.

    A study of clinical profile of patients with dengue fever at tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 58-62.

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    K. Arun Kumar, R. Gandhi Babu, M. Asok Kumar.

    Prevalence of anxiety and depression among the primary caregivers of patients with schizophrenia who attended Psychiatry Outpatient Department at Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital, Chidambaram.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 63-75.

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    Mohammad Shafi Dar, Sonia Gupta, Owais Gowhar.

    Estimation of hematological parameters in patients with Hepatitis B and C.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 76-80.

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    Karuna V, R Vikash Babu.

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Focal Liver Lesions with Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) and Pathological Correlation.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 81-93.

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    Ch. Madhuri, B. Srilakshmi.

    Retrospective Study on Prevalence, Risk Factors, Maternal and Fetal Outcome in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 94-98.

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    Ravi Jahagirdar, Ravi Chander, K. Kishore, K. Gopikanth, Rajesh Singh, Vinay Jahagirdar.

    Our experience with traumatic injuries of the upper urinary tract.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 99-110.

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    Ramesh Ramamoorthy, Murali R, Ragavendra, Balameena S.

    Estimation of interleukin 1β levels in acute gout patients before and after colchicine.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 111-117.

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    R. Padmaja, P. Rajasekhar.

    Role of Misoprostol in Cervical Ripening for Dilatation and Curettage.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(11): 118-123.

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