• Volume 6, Issue 10, October, 2019

    Original Research Articles

    Swati Srivastava.

    Rapid chairside disinfection and surface alterations of gutta-percha cones with 1% Alexidine, 2% Chlorhexidine and 5.25% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis – An in vitro comparative study.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 1-7.

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    Karuna V, R Vikash Babu.

    MR imaging of primary malignant bone tumors with surgical and histopathological correlation.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 8-21.

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    Aishwarya Sirikonda, Mrudula Kolli, M. Raja Rao, Shyamala Srujana.

    A study of clinical profile and assessment of disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus patients.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 22-27.

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    Kasineni Jaya Bhargavi, B. Seshu Lakshmi.

    Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in rotator cuff pathologies.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 28-34.

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    Gayathri Balakavi, Sreenivasu Kotagiri, Anup Kumar Songa, S. Purna Chandra Shekhar.

    Cardio vascular response to core stability exercises in healthy individuals.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 35-42.

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    U. Sujatha Patnaik, G. Rama Devi, K. Anusha, A.V.N. Suseela.

    Maternal and perinatal outcome in severe pre-eclampsia.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 43-49.

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    Ekta Khurana, B.K. Binawara.

    Correlation of exercise capacity with left ventricle diastolic function.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 50-55.

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    Sreenivasu Kotagiri, Neeti Mathur, Swapna, I Venkateshwarlu, Anup Kumar Songa.

    Effectiveness of balance training to improve function in patients in post-operative phase following total knee arthroplasty.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 56-63.

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    Sreenivasu Kotagiri, Neeti Mathur, Vadana, Gayathri Balakavi, Anup Kumar Songa.

    The Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique and Mobilization to Improve the Shoulder Range of Motion in Frozen Shoulder.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 64-73.

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    Sathish Kumar Jakkula, Sai Gayathri Mangavelli, Vani Reddy Manchi, Amita Samal, K. Sukavya Reddy.

    Efficacy of pilates based group therapy on fatigue and quality of life in brain tumor survivors – A randomized control trial.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 74-81.

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    Nissy G, Sujatha R, N. Uma, S. Sowmya, Pratyusha R.

    Analysis of etiology in women who underwent surgical management for abnormal uterine bleeding in a tertiary care centre, Visakhapatnam.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 82-85.

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    Case Report

    Anand Shankar S, Vinoth Kumar S, C.P. Ganesh Babu.

    Idiopathic abdominal cocoon: An enigma.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 86-89.

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    Review Articles

    Payal Bajad, Rahul Gaikwad, Ken Spearpoint, Swati Srivastava.

    The concept of Clinical Supervision at workplace.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 90-93.

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    Vd. Archana D. Inchekar.

    A review on the guidelines in Ayurveda as Swasthavritta on prevention and promotion of health along with longevity of life with its applied aspect.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 94-102.

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    Original Research Articles

    S. Natarajan, A. Rajagopal.

    Outcome of poisonous snake bites treated with high dose anti snake venom serum versus low dose –A critical review.

    IAIM, 2019; 6(10): 103-106.

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