• Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2016

    Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2016

    Original Research Articles




    N. Rama Murthy, Ravi Jahagirdar, G. Mallikarjun, T. Jagadeeshwar, G Ravi Chandar, R. Amar Kumar.

    A clinical study of various presentations and different modalities in management of vesico-vaginal fistula.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 1-8.

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    Ravi Jahagirdhar, N Rama Murthy, G. Mallikarjun, T. Jagadeeshwar, G. Ravi Chandar, G. Raghavendra.

    CT density Is it a predictor in renal calculus clearance with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 9-22.

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    J. Lalithkumar, T. Chitra, N. Kodieswaran.

    Comparative study between BISAP and Ransons score in predicting severity of acute pancreatitis.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 23-33.

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    Parmar S, Mayavanshi G, Sutaria A, Shah B.

    A study of Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA) in collagen vascular diseases.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 34-39.

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    N.D. Srinivasaprasad, G. Chandramohan, M. Edwin Fernando.

    Study of systemic fungal infections in renal transplant recipients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 40-46.

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    Choudhary A, Jain A, Choudhary A, Jai Prakash Pankaj.

    Hits and misses in diagnosis of thyroid lesions Cytohistological correlation.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 47-53.

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    Singh K, Kaushik NK.

    Seasonal variations in hematological and hemodynamic parameters.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 54-60.

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    Dhamija JP, Saxena N, Saxena S.

    Evaluation of 2-D echo findings in chronic kidney disease: Case study of 35 end stage renal disease patients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 61-65.

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    Patel V, Chaudhary H, Patel HJ, Agrawal R.

    Comparative study of continuous infusions of Ropivacaine v/s Ropivacaine + Fentanyl for post thoracotomy analgesia in 50 patients.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 66-73.

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    Passi K, Hemachander SS, Shah K, Khara R.

    Characterization of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from various clinical samples at tertiary care centre of Dhiraj Hospital, Piparia, Vadodara, Gujarat.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 74-78.

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    RajalakshmiPreethiG, Mariappan M, Madhusudhanan J, Arun AC.

    Role of CT imaging in patients sustaining blunt injury of abdomen, retrospective analysis from a tertiary care hospital.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 79-86.

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    C. R. Murali Govardhan, Pramod P. Khanapurkar.

    Epidural anesthesia – Its efficacy, safety and cardiovascular stability in children.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 87-92.

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    CH. Sheethal.

    A case control analysis to find association between PCO and endometrial carcinoma (EC).

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 93-97.

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    Ray S, Patel H, Kotecha J, Parmar H.

    Analytical Study of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy – 200 cases.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 98-102.

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    Nidumuru S, Kollur PB, Kollur BP, Kashinakunti SV, Pyadala N.

    Assessment of biochemical composition of renal calculi among patients visiting SVIMS, Tirupati.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 103-107.

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    Bandi A, Pyadala N, Srivani N, Borugadda R, Maity SN, Ravi Kumar BN, Polavarapu R.

    A comparative assessment of thyroid hormones and lipid profile among hypothyroid patients: A hospital based case control study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 108-114.

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    T. Ravi, N. Dheeraj Kumar, Bhrungi Shireesh Kumar.

    Ultrasound guided nerve block versus caudal block for post-operative analgesia in children undergoing unilateral groin surgery.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 115-125.

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    J. Anuradha, K. Arunakumari, A. Sujatha.

    Comparative study of tubal patency by hysterosalpingography, transvaginal sonosalpingography and laparoscopy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 126-133.

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    N. Sreemani Kumari, Annapurna Sireesha, Shyamala Srujana, O. Shravan Kumar.

    Cholecystectomies A 1.5 year histopathological study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 134-139.

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    Rajendra Prasad Potlabathini, Arun Kanala.

    A Study of Clinical Profile and Management of Patients with Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis – Our Experience.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 140-147.

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    G. Sharmila, Prasanna.

    Maternal and perinatal outcome in antepartum hemorrhage.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 148-160.

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    Prasad D.V.S.R.K, Yugesh M, Srinivas S, Sudarshan G, Santosh B.

    Our experience with ileocystoplasty for augmentation of tuberculous bladders.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 161-163.

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    DVSRK Prasad, Srinivas S, Yugesh M, Santosh B.

    Dorsal onlay buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty in inflammatory stricture of urethra – Our experience.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 164-169.

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    Khan N, Khan S.

    Evaluation of breast mass and applicability of histopathology and sonomamography for accurate diagnosis of malignant masses.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 170-176.

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    DVS Ramakrishna Prasad, Srinivas S.

    A study of primary megaureter Our experience.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 177-181.

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    DVS Ramakrishna Prasad, Srinivas S.

    Problem of fused kidneys – Our observations.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 182-188.

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    Patel Y, Baria B, Gohil K, Parmar H.

    Comparative study of Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication Vs Posterior fundoplication in Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 189-193.

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    Baria B, Parmar N, Kumar S, Parmar H.

    Surgical management in portal hypertension.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 194-199.

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    Radhika Rani, R. Srikanth.

    A comparative study of Conventional and CT based planning of Target volumes and organs at risk in Intra cavitary brachytherapy for Carcinoma of cervix.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 200-209.

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    Rajani B, Brahmbhatt H, Chaudhry H, Hiren Parmar H.

    Effect of Vecuronium in different age group.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 210-217.

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    P. Krishna Kishore, B. Manju Sruthi, G. Obulesu.

    Comparative study between stapler and open hemorrhoidectomy in the management of grade III/ IV hemorrhoids.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 218-221.

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    P. Krishna Kishore, B. Manju Sruthi, G. Obulesu.

    Study of post cholecystectomy biliary leakage and its management.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 222-227.

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    Kuppa Prakash, A. Ravi Chandran, M. Vijay Kumar.

    Comparison of acute toxicities and response of standard chemo radiation versus hyper fractionated radiotherapy in head and neck cancers.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 228-237.

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    Case Reports




    Gupta N, Sahni M.

    Neonatal hiatal hernia on CPAP: A rare entity.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 238-241.

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    Thajuddin MD, E.A. Ashok Kumar.

    Emphysema, dilatation of ascending aorta and mitral valve prolapse in Marfan syndrome – A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(9): 242-246.

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