• Volume 2, Issue 7, July, 2015

    Volume 2, Issue 7, July, 2015

    Original Research Articles


    Kamdar DJ, Shah NA, Patel DJ, Parmar H

    Role of RNTCP in the management of MDR-TB

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 1-5

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    Vungarala Satyanand, T. Gopalakrishnaiah, Elakkiya Panneerselvam, Shaik Mahaboobvali, Shaik Ahammad Basha, Vanka Sarala

    Effects of yogasanas on cervical spondylosis

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 6-10

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    Ahmad Z, Singh A, Goel S, Gupta A, Panesar S, Surana A, Rajesh DR, Chitti Babu G, Bharat M, Singh LK

    An evaluation of role of sinusitis as focal sepsis in chronic otitis media active mucosal disease: A cross-sectional survey

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 11-15

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    Dixit J, Dixit AK, Yadav Y

    A retrospective study of malaria outbreak in children of a defence establishment in Gujarat State of India

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 16-24

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    Ahmad Z, Singh A, Goel S, Gupta A, Panesar S, Surana A, Pathania D, Singh AK, Shamsi MS, Singh LK

    Clinical study of otological manifestations among children with cleft palate from a tertiary care teaching hospital

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 25-29

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    Bangera H, Prakash Babu B, D’Souza AS, Manjula SD, Rao MK, Sushma RK

    Stress effect on neurons of cingulate gyrus in postweaned albino mice – A histological study

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 30-35

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    Kumar A, Dasgupta A, Biswas D , Sahoo SK, Das S, Preeti PS

    Knowledge regarding snake bite in rural Bengal – Are they still lingering on myths and misconceptions?

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 36-41

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    Warade JP, Kavitha R.

    Secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 42-48

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    Hosapatna M, Bangera H, D Souza A, Das A, Supriya, D Souza AS, Ankolekar VH

    Histological differentiation of human fetal kidney

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 49-54

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    Kurele A, Patel A, Zala PJ

    Radiographic analysis of thyroid lesions using USG and CT scan

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 55-68

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    Tomar S, Sharma A, Shukla Y, Saxena V

    Clinico-pathological correlation of patients undergoing keratoplasty for suspected HSV keratitis in tertiary care centre

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 69-75

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    Shamsi MS, Goel S, Singh A, Gupta A, Mirza RUB, Jai Krishna, Bharat M, Chitti Babu G, Singh AK, Surana A

    An evaluation of bacteriological quality of drinking water from the catchment area of a tertiary care teaching hospital

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 76-81

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    Shamsi MS, Goel S, Singh A, Gupta A, Bhardwaj A, Goel S, Chhoker VK, Surana A, Singh LK

    An appraisal of microbiological spectrum in Acne Vulgaris from a tertiary care teaching institution

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 82-86

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    Jacob KJ, Mini, Deepak AV

    A comparative study on the effectiveness of ormeloxifene versus norethisterone in the management of perimenopausal dysfunctional uterine bleeding

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 87-92

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    Jai Krishna, Singh AK, Goel S, Singh A, Gupta A, Panesar S, Bhardwaj A, Surana A, Chhoker VK, Goel S

    A preliminary study on profile and pattern of medication errors from a tertiary care teaching hospital

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 93-98

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    Jai Krishna, Singh A, Goel S, Gupta A, Sharma P, Mirza RUB, Singh AK, Surana A, Chitti Babu G

    Students’ current perceptions and feedback on teaching and learning Pharmacology from an evolving medical school

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 99-104

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    Siddharam Jamgond, Liyakhath Ali, Manjunath M.

    A prospective randomized study comparing the efficacy of the LMA ClassicTM, the AMBU Aura40 Laryngeal MaskTM and the I-GelTM using fibroptic bronchoscope in spontaneously breathing anesthetized patients

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 105-115

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    Patel S, Patel T, Hada D, Suvera M, Parmar H

    Clinical profile and outcome of acute pancreatitis and necrotizing pancreatitis

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 116-120

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    Patel D

    Laparoscopic repair of perforated peptic ulcer: Our experience

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 121-123

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    Case Reports


    P.G. Kolandaivelu, R. Balamurugan, R. Lakshmana, S. Arun Prasath

    Incarcerated femoral cystocele – A rare case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 124-126

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    Ravishankar P, Suba Ananthi K, Radhakrishnan PL, Muthusamy R

    Fused cervical vertebrae – Case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 127-131

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    Wawhal M, Mogal V, Sanap S

    Marchiafava bignami syndrome: A rare case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 132-136

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    Rathod GB, Jain A

    Role of FNAC in diagnosis of gouty tophi – A case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 137-140

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    Mahajan R, Raheja S, Tuli A, Singh S, Agarwal S

    Tortuous ulnar artery and Gantzer’s muscle: A rare presentation with clinical implications

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 141-146

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    Dhakre A, Yengkhom I, Nagori H, Kurele A, Patel SB

    Adenocarcinoma of gastro-esophageal junction – Case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 147-151

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    Kandukuri MK

    Congenital leukemia diagnosed on day one of life – A rare entity: Case report

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 152-156

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    Deepak MB, Mahsheena KM, Begum CRS, Hana Abdul Kareem

    Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of tonsil – A rare and aggressive variant

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 157-161

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    Review Article




    Ganeshkar SV, Rai AK, Rozario JE

    The master of craniofacial orchestra: Homeobox genes and neural crest cells

    IAIM, 2015; 2(7): 162-170

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