• Volume 3, Issue 1, January, 2016

    Volume 3, Issue 1, January, 2016

    Original Research Articles




    Acharya A, Fatima A.

    Cholesteatoma in a rural setting The Nizamabad experience.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 1-5.

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    Nanda GS, Singh H, Sharma B, Arora A.

    Adverse Reactions Due to Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Therapy: An Indian Prospective Study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 6-12.

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    Gohel J, Naik N, Parmar H, Solanki B.

    A comparative study of inguinal hernia repair by Shouldice method vs other methods.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 13-17.

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    Rathod GB, Jain M, Vachhani D, Chandra A, Balar M.

    Significance of micronucleus in the whole spectrum of uterine cervical lesions.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 18-23.

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    R.V. Rama Narayana Reddy, T.A.R. Raja, G. Senthil, Priyadharshini.

    Evaluation of thyroid hormone dysfunction in type – 2 diabetes patients on metformin therapy A cross sectional study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 24-28.

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    Pullishery F, Panchmal GS, Siddique S, Abraham A.

    Awareness, Knowledge and Practices on Bio-Medical Waste Management Among Health Care Professionals in Mangalore- A Cross Sectional Study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 29-35.

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    Chowdhury P, Pandey V, Avasthi R, Kandukuri MK, Giri S, Sharma S.

    Multi-factorial risk stratification in Acute Coronary Syndrome.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 36-45.

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    Naik N, Patel G, Parmar H.

    Etiology, age and sex distribution, investigations and treatment of gallstone pancreatitis.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 46-50.

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    Modi D, Rathod GB, Delwadia KN, Goswami HM.

    Histopathological pattern of neoplastic ovarian lesions.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 51-57.

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    Shukla M, Tyagi S, Agarwal M.

    Infant and young child feeding practices of mothers attending immunisation clinic at a tertiary care hospital of Lucknow.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 58-66.

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    Chharang N, Choudhary S, Pankaj JP.

    Assessment of awareness about HIV/AIDS in slum areas of Jodhpur city.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 67-73.

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    Rao PR, Narayana SS.

    Epidemiological study of syndromic diagnosis cases of HIV positive in Government General Hospital, Nizamabad.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 74-84.

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    Patel V, Mehta K, Patel K, Parmar H.

    Comparison of USG guided modified rectus sheath block with intraperitoneal instillation with Inj. Bupivacaine for postoperative pain relief in diagnostic laparoscopy.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 85-89.

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    Prasanna B, Jhansi CB, Swathi K, Shaik MV.

    A study on risk factors and clinical presentation of ectopic pregnancy in women attending a tertiary care centre.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 90-96.

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    Srirama L.

    Serum concentration of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in psoriatic patients in a tertiary care hospital – A case control study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 97-104.

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    Vasa VK, Chowdary DB, Kalyani OM.

    Clinical outcome of Gullian-Barre Syndrome in a tertiary care teaching hospital A prospective observational study.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 105-109.

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    Umesh Kumar Chhabra, Sandeep Kumar Goyal, Satish Kumar Bansal, Gopal Singal.

    Diabetic foot A clinical study: Early surgical intervention is a key to early cure and rehabilitation in accordance with the international consensus on the Diabetic foot.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 110-115.

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    Case Reports




    C. Saritha, B. V. Anuradha Devi, Imran Ali Mohammed, Chandra Sekhar, S. Sandhya Anil, H. Sandhya Rani.

    Giant lipoma of breast: A rare case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 116-118.

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    P. Jijiya Bai, E. A. Ashok Kumar.

    Malignant Lymphoma of the pelvis A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 119-121.

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    Dhiman P, Bhatia S.

    Dengue presenting as Acute Liver Failure A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 122-126.

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    Dowerah S, Borgohain M.

    Sebaceous carcinoma of eyelid Understanding its unique cytomorphology and role of aspiration cytology.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 127-131.

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    Nath AL, Nair S, Pal R, Chakraborty A.

    Peters anomaly with post axial polydactyly, ocular hypertelorism, a low nasal bridge, retrognathia, undescended testis, microphthalmia, and club foot in an Indian neonate: A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 132-135.

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    Uppatla S, E. A. Ashok Kumar.

    Thyrotoxic cardiomyopathy – A case report.

    IAIM, 2016; 3(1): 136-139.

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